About Gary and April Louis

Gary and I live a beautiful part of Southern California, just a few miles from the ocean, with our very spoiled cats. We really enjoy the lifestyle that being independent distributors for Young Living Essential Oils allows us.

Gary and I have been distributors for more than twelve years, distributor #268226. We have both  studied, extensively with the many qualified trainers at Young Living, including with Gary Young himself.

I am well versed in many healing modalities including: massage, Reiki, energy work, hypnosis, NLP, meridian tapping along with a host of others. I use essential oils with every modality because the the great results I see. These oils are the very best.

We picked Young Living because of the quality of their products and the integrity of the company.

Anyone can  make an essential oils that smells good. But we use only Young Living Essential Oils because there oils are guaranteed to contain the optimal level of beneficial plant properties. In other words, their oils work. And not only that, Young Living has hundreds of products to choose from.
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